Daycare and Childcare IT Solutions

We have created a set of tools to bring technology to your center, oriented at children, teachers and directors.

Computers for Children

Our solution for children's first desk computer is designed to teach them how to interact with real computers under a real scenario. Children will learn how to interact with a real keyboard and mouse when getting ready for kirdengarten, all this in a secure and controlled environment. These computers are virtually maintenance-free and self-setup to get clean and ready for next day.

Children's computers

Phone Systems and Intercomm

Set phones and intercomms in every room. This way, your teachers and employees don't have to leave children alone. At Kernel Systems, we developed an afforable solution for your school, that brings solutions and has a professional look and presence for your clients.

VoIP phones


Setup displays with dynamically updated information, animations and videos.

Wall Display

Contactless Payments Solution

We have developed a custom payment system that is contactless and fully automated, where you can manage your clients and accounts from one site. Call us to arrange a meeting.

Payment System

Step up Technology at your center, let us help you at your side.